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How to Experiment Workout Exercises to Find The Suitable One

Here is a personal challenge for you: Replace at the least 1 of your normal weekly workouts with something completely different like combat fighting techniques, kettlebell training, functional training, or even strongman style exercises.
For instance, instead of accomplishing your super heavy, 3 inch partial rep leg presses, here is another single leg squat… and if that’s easy, try adding weight! Or instead dozens of sets of shoulder presses and lateral raises, see if you can certainly do 1 handstand push-up.
Those are just a couple examples… do yourself a favor and test out other types of exercises. You will find countless various kinds of training styles by taking classes, reading books, watching videos, surfing the internet, hire a personal trainer, etc. 
We aren’t asking you to stop your traditional workouts… but just cross-train a little which means you not only work towards a balanced body but additionally towards a tougher, better and usable strength. Again, what good is muscle if you can’t put it to use!

Switch It Up! 

Another great way to minimize how many missed workouts as a result of injuries is to vary the exercises that you do for each muscle group. For instance, if you usually do barbell squats try rotating in other exercises like single-leg leg presses, trap-bar deadlifts, d-bell squats, etc.

Remember, the important thing to eliminating injuries and preventing future ones is to spot what areas you’ll need to target. In the next two articles we’ll be discussing in detail, how to address various injuries like back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain with targeted exercises and stretches. For the time being, be sure to read through our blog and get in touch with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer if you wish to learn things practically and effectively.