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How to Avoid Unhealthy Diet Habits and yet Be In Shape

Effects of Acid

Acid in the body acts like acid outside the body.  It creates waste.  It ages the skin, degenerates tissues, and causes major problems. Additionally, most health concerns are created by an overabundance of acid in the system.  Reducing acid in the system is critical to long-term health.

Many people love to drink a can of soda.  If you look on the label, you will discover that a can of soda primarily contains acid.  The pH of a soda is around 2.3.  That is highly toxic.  The body has to scramble to neutralize that acid in the system.  It uses sodium, calcium from the bones or teeth, or anything else it has to to be able to neutralize the acid.

Part of this system includes a slight change in a few of the foods that we normally would eat.  We understand that most people will not eliminate all the bad food from their diet, so instead of eliminating it, we are going to suggest a strategy of reduction.


Most people are dehydrated.  Drinking sufficient amounts of good water is critical to your success.  To be able to determine your water needs, convert your body weight to ounces and divide it by two (2), and that is how many ounces of water you should consume each day.  Pure water is the thing that counts toward your daily intake.  Even water mixed with Pro Factor Shakes does not count toward your daily needs.  For best results, you should drink only distilled water charged with the Crystal Catalyst Concentrate. Mix one-half (½) ounce of Crystal Catalyst Concentrate to one (1) gallon of distilled water.


Building lean muscle, burning additional calories, and improving overall health are just some of the advantages of consistent exercise.  For the next 14 days, commit to doing some sort of physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day for ten (10) of the 14 days of this program.  That may include:  walking, jogging, riding a bike, playing with your kids or grandkids, or other activities like, chasing your spouse around the house, that will raise your heart rate.  Make it something you enjoy.  Just commit to it for the next two weeks. Undergoing a training with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer is useful when you’re unsure of which exercises to perform.


In life, balance is usually to be desired.  When anything is done to excess, we are in danger of getting away from balance.  Usually it is not one easy, or one soda that does us in.  It is when sodas, cakes, and other acid-producing foods are consumed in excess that we create problems.  You can also get free from balance on the other side.  The lifespan of most professional athletes and vegetarians, is actually less than some couch potatoes.  But, we need to identify the things we are doing in excess in our food consumption, and make some extreme choices on how to bring those into balance.

For instance, one customer was drinking 6-8 diet sodas per day.  For him, it was an extreme choice to eliminate diet sodas from his daily life, but that was among the extreme choices he has made.  For others it could be 6-8 cups of coffee, or two desserts per day, or the mid-afternoon candy bars.  We do not suggest that you necessarily quit these kinds of things cold turkey. Rather, start to exercise some discipline and control over yourself in these things.  Instead of eight sodas a day, drink only two.  Instead of four cups of coffee, drink only one or two.  Instead of four packs of sugar in your tea, maybe only one or two. Instead of a late night snack, drink two glasses of water charged with the Crystal Catalyst Concentrate. Instead of always taking the elevator, take the stairs once a day. Maybe reduce your portion sizes when you eat.  When you go to a buffet, maybe just go through once.  Remove from your thinking the idea that when you go to a buffet, “you have to really get your money’s worth,” by eating as much as you can.  The goal of eating is to give you enough fuel to get to another location meal and nothing more.  For best results, we strongly suggest that you make some extreme choices.

An experienced Coquitlam Personal Trainer can help you prepare the proper diet chart, that is devoid of acids and has the right pH factor as well.