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You are able to put together a cheap home gym that gets the job done if you get the essentials. The following list has also been recommended by a Eagle Ridge Fitness Personal Trainer, someone who is experienced and professional in the niche of bodybuilding. So long as you stay with the proven equipment list -and stay away from the most recent ab-flexor- you can’t go wrong.

The next are the 8 home gym must-haves:

1) Dumbbells
Dumbbells are essential for your home fitness gym, required for presses, arm exercises and even a couple of core exercises. There are lots of forms of dumbbells available, from the inexpensive to the boutique. Which fall under one of two types: fixed weight or handles only.
Handles are plate loaded. This calls for one to slide the weight plate on yourself and then fasten the weight with collars. Most handles are either standard or Olympic. Standard are smaller in diameter than the Olympic version. It is in addition crucial to coordinate any plate loaded barbells you purchase with your dumbbells. That way the plates are compatible. Standard handles start at around $8. Olympic handles are pricier and longer. This added length actually takes getting used to on a couple of exercises.

2) Barbells
You’ll need a good barbell, and, like dumbbells, they come in standard and Olympic. Again, definitely be sure that they’re compatible with your dumbbells. Although, an Olympic bar won’t fit on a typical bench, a 7-foot standard bar will work on an Olympic bench.
A typical barbell set carries a 20 pound bar, 2 dumbbell handles (with collars) and 85 pounds of plates. A unit like this will run about $100. This isn’t lots of weight, so you’ll probably want to purchase more before too long.

3) Bench
In a truly cheap home gym, you should use any old bench for presses and one-arm rows. Make sure that it’s 2 to 3 feet wide and solid. A guitar bench could work if it’s heavy enough. Otherwise, a picnic bench also works well. Get creative: you are able to put something under the front or rear to have incline or a decline bench.

4) Chin Up Bar
A chin up bar could be constructed out of any material that’ll support your weight. You’ll find a chin up bar for $10 to $40.

5) Swiss Ball
Although I genuinely believe that they’re somewhat overused, they could put in a little variety to your home fitness gym workouts. In addition to making you look more sophisticated by simply having it throughout the house, additionally they increase balance and often strengthen the core muscles. You’ll find one for $20.

Now that you’ve built it, don’t forget to use it.