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There are lots of other choices to get more active that don’t include jogging, weight training or other “traditional” methods to work out. Here certainly are a few ideas to have you moving

1) Chase your Kids round the Yard
You’d be surprised at just how much of a workout you’ll receive playing catch along with your kids. Time will fly when you are having a good time and your children will love the additional time with you. Just get out there and play.

2) Turn up the Music and Dance round the Living Room
While you’re dusting, setting up dishes, straightening up the kid’s rooms, or after you’ve been sitting around for too long, just play some of your chosen upbeat music and dance around in the house. Not only can you receive your heartrate up, but you will also have more pleasurable doing some of those chores.

3) Plant some Flowers
When the elements is nice, just get out there and plant some flowers. Or you could take up a little vegetable garden, trim some hedges, slice the grass, or plant a tree. You get the idea. Just get out there, enjoy the sunshine and oxygen, and play in the dirt. Yes, this actually counts as exercise within our book.

4) Choose a Walk with a Friend
Take a walk and invite a friend to come along. I’ve had some of the greatest conversations while on a walk. Dealing with chat with a friend makes enough time fly by and before you realize it you’ve been walking for 30 minutes.

5) Listen for some Music or an Audiobook while You Walk
Again, keeping your mind on another thing will make enough time fly by and you’ll receive some extra fun out of your walk. You might even want to consider getting an MP3 Player. It is possible to add what you would like to hear and choose your walk.

6) Sign up for a Yoga or Pilates Class
Consider consulting with an Eagle Ridge Fitness Personal Trainer for yoga/workout sessions. These two workouts are pretty low impact and won’t make you sweaty and sore (mostly). It’s also possible to enjoy meeting some new people in the class.