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Tip #1: The *Brazilian move*.
The good thing concerning this move is that that you do not need to go a gymnasium to do it, that you do not even need to find time in your day. Why? When you can do this move when you brush your teeth! So how exactly does it work:
Standing straight in your bathroom, bend your knees slightly.
Tilt your hips forward while contracting them, then pull them back.
Remember to create a quite strong squeeze when you finish the forward move.
As you brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day, that’s 6 minutes a day of Brazilian move.
And also a healthy eating, this will guarantee you will get a nice rear for this summer, yeah!

Tip #2: Use your Hands!
There are some chores you’d be better off doing by hand!
For example, washing dishes by hand will burn 78 calories per half hour…..
Knowing a pound is about 3,500 calories, and assuming you will wash dishes half an hour over 45 days, you can have lost 1 pound without knowing it….(translated on annually, this amounts to about 8 pounds!)

Tip #3: How to truly get your 60 minutes of accumulated exercise a day
The General Surgeon’s orders are to have 60 minutes of accumulated exercise daily (this could be sliced up into 6 small walks without the problem). Beside burning calories, when you walk you will build the big muscles of one’s lower body. Muscle tissue burns more calories to keep than fat, even at rest. Again, you don’t have to get a 60 minute walk if that you do not feel like it.
You can slice it up into 3×20 minute walk:
-1- one at home when you get up (will also help get up much more :o)
-2- two at lunch break to go to your lunch place and in the future back (just select a location that’s 15 minutes far from your office)
-3- one in the center of the afternoon to assist you remain focus until the end of the day.

Tip #4: Manage the food cravings by being proactive!!!
The body produces endorphins when you do aerobic exercise — which means getting your heart rate up for at the very least 20 minutes. Aerobic exercise produces endorphins, body chemicals that induce euphoric and pleasurable feelings. These are the same chemicals stated in a reaction to eating fat/sweet foods.

Tip #5: Improve your posture
This is a superb exercise to improve your posture hereby making you appear great when you walk, when you’re on the beach, when you enter a company meeting room. On a yoga mat, stand straight. Breathe several times: inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale slowly. Tuck your toes under and rebel into a low squat, with fingertips lightly touching the floor. Drop your chin so it’s relaxed toward the chest. Slowly rise from the squat position by pushing your heels toward the floor until your torso hangs forward and down. Keep carefully the knees slightly bent and aligned over the center of each foot. Breathe, relax the top of body, and hang like a rag tool. For best results you should try consulting with a fitness expert like an Eagle Ridge Fitness Personal Trainer, if you are serious about your fitness plans.