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To get skinny really fast, you need to have a strong desire in getting skinny. Nothing in this world can be achieved without sheer determination and hard work. If you want something so badly, in order to get it, you need to focus and be determined to get skinny.

To successfully get skinny, there are 2 tasks that you need to fulfil as proposed by the Coquitlam Personal Trainer. The first task is that you need to make a commitment to exercise consistently. Exercise can be in the form of sports such as badminton or football, or slow jog in the park. The second task is that you need to make a commitment to dieting. If you can fulfil the 2 tasks above, you definitely be able to shed those extra fats around your waist. Let us talk more about the 2 tasks in detailed above.

Exercising consistently allows your body to have a higher metabolism rate, which in turn burn fats faster. If you drink lots of water and eat right, you will not need to spend more than 30 minutes of good exercise, 3 times a week. The key here is to stick to your exercise timetable, which is 3 times a week. One way to stick to your exercise timetable is for you to find a buddy and have him or her to exercise with you. With a buddy around, you will be more committed to your exercise schedule.

Eating right is the most important step in getting skinny. You may think that by not eating, you will become skinny. However, that is farther from the truth as the north and south-pole.  By skipping meals, you are confusing your body! When you never eat, your body get used to surviving in a starvation mode. Then when you start to eat, your body now needs to work harder to burn the food. But at the same time, your body will keep some food and store as fats, so as to prepare for your next starvation. With this kind of confusion, it is no surprise that you cannot get skinny.

What you need to do is very simple. Do not skip meal and eat! Increase the number of meals every day, but have smaller portion of food for each meal. In each meal, make sure that there are vegetables and fruits, so as to help in your digestions.

Sometimes, the reason why you cannot become skinny is that your body has too many toxins. When your body takes in too many impurities such as dirty air and cigarettes smoke, it will protect you by storing them into fats. This is why sometimes you will feel bloated and makes your stomach feel uncomfortable.

The solution for this is to detoxify your fat cells. Take in more fruits juice such as banana juice, and ginger tea which will help to detoxify your fat cells.

To get skinny, it all starts from your state of mind. If you are determined enough to lose weight, you can do it as long as you persevere through the plan that you have set. Be committed and stay focus to your goal. When you are determined to do something, you will find solutions to problems, and with the right training from Coquitlam Fitness Trainer, getting skinny is just another easy problem for you to solve.


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