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Are you, just like I was, misled by the eye-catching headlines about diets that says – Lose X pounds in little or no time? Of course you are, but why? Does it make any sense to believe that you could lose 10 pounds of fat in a week when you know that it can’t be done, at least not in a healthy way?

Your Coquitlam Fitness Trainer will show you in this article that there actually are ways to lose weight fast but that it is not healthy for you. We could make a deal, well, it is you that have to make a deal with yourself. I will show you a method that guarantees a weight loss of at least 5 pounds per week in the healthiest way (not meaning that it is healthy but better than lots of other diets) and you will also learn why a super fast weight loss is dangerous to your health and the do’s and don’ts in fast weight loss.

First, as promised, the fast weight loss diet: This diet is composed to speed up your metabolism and it must be followed exactly. You may not use any spices except salt and peppers. It is important to remember to drink a lot of water, preferably water that is isotonic, meaning that it has added minerals that make it chemically look like your body fluids. To give this diet a boost be sure to do some cardio exercising to speed up the fat burning process.

Here is the ideal Coquitlam fitness menu:

Day 1:
Breakfast: ½ grapefruit, 1 toast (no butter), 1 tablespoon of peanut-butter
Lunch: 3 fl oz of tuna-fish and veggies
Dinner: 3 oz beef (lean), 10 fl oz green beans, 1 small apple

Day 2:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 toast, ½ banana
Lunch: 1/4 cottage cheese, 5 no salt crackers
Dinner: 3 oz chicken breast, 10 fl oz broccoli, 5 fl oz carrots, banana

Day 3:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 toast
Lunch: 5 slices of cheddar-cheese, 5 no salt crackers, 1 small apple
Dinner: 10 fl oz tuna-fish, 10 fl oz beetroot, 10 fl oz cauliflower