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There is nothing more frustrating than spending day after day in the gym working your tail off to gain muscle mass and then not seeing any visible results in the mirror. Why can some people build muscle fast and others stay on a plateau that seems to last forever? Unfortunately there are about one hundred answers to that issue and I don’t have time to go through every possible problem here so I will give some recommendation on how to bust through just about any sticking point in gains.

If you have been in a sticking point for more than two to three weeks and aren’t switching things up you can plan on being there for a long time. The best way to break a plateau and reignite your love for mass building is through a quick bout of high frequency training or HFT. High frequency training will push you out of your comfort zone and into the gain weight fast zone. Let me explain why. When you are in a rut, sometimes drastic measures are required for drastic results.

What is High Frequency Training (HFT)?

Simply put HFT is training each muscle more frequently just like the term states. It is possible to train each muscle five times per week using variable repetition ranges, loads, rest intervals, and sets. It is also important to stress different movement patterns on each day as well so as not to adapt or stress joints too much working the same plane of movement each day. For example on one day you may do heavy chins working the vertical plane of motion for back and the neck day bent over rows working the horizontal plane and using higher reps. This will challenge the muscles and central nervous system differently and requires different recovery pathways allowing for more frequent workouts.
In three weeks you can expect to break any plateau and put on around five pounds of new muscle mass provided your nutritional plan is also in check. Protein timing will be critical as a dose of branched chain amino acids are very helpful pre workout and a heaping shake of fast digesting whey protein post workout. HFT will provide the stimuli you need for your body to respond but you will need to provide the raw materials to synthesize new muscle and gain weight fast.