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How You can Improve Your Libido…

Our sex drive and metabolism decrease with age. HOWEVER, what if I told you, you can improve your sex drive, metabolism, and energy levels even with age? Yes, you can improve your libido by dialing in your nutrition!

First Assess Your Bio-feedback (Look at the past 4 to 6 weeks): Your biofeedback will tell you how your overall health and body are functioning.

Every 2 weeks, I check in with my nutrition coach to provide an update on my mood/sex drive, hunger, energy, and sleep quality. Checking in and assessing my bio feedback, provides feedback on how my body is responding my current nutrition and fitness plan, determining if any changes need to be made. This has helped me lose over 50 pounds to date.

Let’s drive into each bio feedback metric in further detail, on what it means for you…

Mood and Sex Drive: Are you irritable? How is your focus and sex drive? If your mood and sex drive are poor, assess if you’re consuming enough food and evaluate your food pairings (carbs, protein, fats). If you’re in an extreme calorie deficit or your portion sizes are insufficient, your mood may be poor. ☹ For some, it may be far too much exercise, lack of recovery, or even lack of sleep. Too much stress of course can also affect your mood by also increasing your cortisol levels (stress hormone). Improving the quality of food choices can make a huge impact on your mood and sex drive and better prepare you to tackle on stressors in life. Foods that are more processed containing high sodium and high sugar with no fiber, can attribute to moodiness.

Hunger: Ideally, this should be average/good, which would indicate your metabolism is functioning properly. If you’re too hungry, look at your daily food intake and food pairing. Are you having enough food? Are you having the right types of food? Are you having enough protein? Are you having enough fats? Yes, fats are needed and important to keep you full and satisfied! Do you drink enough water?

If you have extreme low energy, reassess your food pairings and portions. Are you having enough food? Are your food pairings on point? Are you exercising wisely? Over-training?  Exercising too much with not enough macro-nutrients can cause energy highs and lows and in extreme cases long-term fatigue and weight-gain.

Sleep Quality: Not enough sleep may increase body fat. Sleeping gives your body the opportunity to recover and important for healing hormones (melatonin, cortisol, testosterone). It is recommended to get at least 8 hours sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep, you can wake up feeling fatigued and groggy. If you are someone that wakes up in the middle of the night, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels can be off. Are you eating too little carbs or not enough? Yes, it’s natural when we’re stressed out, we crave carbs. You see, carbs help regulate cortisol levels! If you have a newborn or a young child, sleep may be interrupted. However, by dialing in your nutrition, you give your body the best chance at getting any sleep that you can get. 😊

In summary, biofeedback provides you with information on how foods and your current exercise plan are treating you, and how your body is functioning.

Start with one change and see how the week goes and assess any changes in your biofeedback. Keep in mind when on a new nutrition plan, your body will naturally go through an adjustment phase and it may feel like you’re initially going through withdrawal. Eg. If you’re typically consuming an excess of calories high in carbs, your body will naturally want to maintain the status quo when starting a new nutrition plan. It’ll get easier in time! Those cravings you once had, do eventually go away.

Here to help,

Sammy Noh

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