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Post Christmas Binge…

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! I had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with my family and ate more than I usually do.

I have another family dinner coming up tonight. I admit, the thought of manipulating my nutrition crossed my mind today. Perhaps, I’ll have less carbs and starve myself today. No, I’m not going to manipulate my nutrition today. I’m going to stick with what’s on my nutrition plan…My nutrition plan actually allows for such indulgences.

Have you thought about starving yourself after binge eating? It may seem logical to do so, but why torture yourself? You’ll be absolute miserable for the day! One day of ‘starving’, isn’t going to do much to get you to your goals.

👉The reality is, you’re already on a nutrition plan. You’re either on a weight gain, weight loss, or maintenance plan. Sure, it may be unintentional and some of you may be consciously unaware what plan you’re on. However, your body has already determined what plan you’re on, based on the choices you made with food the past 30 to 90+ days. If you’re on a weight loss plan for the past 30 to 90+ days, one day of binge eating isn’t going to derail you, as long as you continue with your ‘regular’ eating regime…

My ‘binge’ eating yesterday, made me think…Come January, many will be pursuing health and fitness goals. I’m actually frustrated for January for the fitness industry…I’m not trying to knock anyone’s aspirations of getting healthy and fit. I see January as a great opportunity to help many people with their health and fitness goals. Actually, February is when personal trainers get really busy….

I do not want you to be a common January statistic by giving up by week 3.  I see it happen every year. We offered a weight loss challenge last January. Many clients saw great results losing over 15 pounds! Some who only did the challenge reached out to me a few months later, to let me know they gained the weight back months after. This really bothered me. It also hits close to home…

I’ve learned many lessons being in the fitness industry over 15 years and personally gaining over 45 pounds a couple of years ago. What’s the point of losing it, and then gaining it back? I definitely understand the struggles of trying to lose weight, when your time is so limited to focus on yourself…

We all want it quick and easy. Realistically, it took years or months for some of you to gain this weight. So how do you expect to lose it in short a short period of time and keep it off?

With my professional and personal experience, I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you conquer January and the rest of the year!

5 Tips to Avoid Becoming Part of a Common January Statistic

  1. If you’re working out 0 days a week for the past few months or few years, do not go from working out 0 to 6 days a week in January. Start with 2 to 3 days a week with adequate rest and recovery. Space it out! Eg. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Don’t forget spending time to also plan your nutrition. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it before. You can’t out-train your nutrition. Don’t even dare trying! Ask yourself, how many days a week can you be consistent for the next 90 days? If it’s 2, then stick with 2. Even 30 minute workouts are suffice.
  2. Challenges are very popular this time around. If you join a weight loss or fitness challenge such as a 21 day, 28 day, 6 week or 90 day challenge, remember that nutrition and fitness do not have a set start and end date. I’ll be offering a challenge too, Our challenge will be very well planned and thought out so that you see results not only during the challenge, but also beyond the challenge.
  3. Ensure you have the support, tools, and accountability. Hire a fitness pro. Would you use google to learn how to fix your roof or your own teeth? 🙂 Keep in mind a ‘gym membership’ and working with a ‘coach’ are two different things.  A gym membership gives you access to rent and use equipment. A coach provides you with tools, support, and accountability to help you reach your goals!
  4. Incorporate weight training into your workout instead of focusing on only cardio. There are benefits of cardio. What if I told you, you can reach your weight loss goals, without doing a single bout of cardio? Too much cardio can actually make you fat. I’ll get into that another time. Cardio can also aggravate your adrenals. If you think cardio is the best way to lose weight, please reach out. I’d love to help you start on the right foot.
  5. Find the right fitness program for you. Be careful of which fitness program you choose. The fitness industry offers either ‘personal training’ or ‘bootcamp, or something in between. As the groups get larger, personalized interaction and instruction diminishes and the chances of seeing results can also diminish. Larger groups also focus more on ‘cardio’ rather than ‘weight’ training. Choose a program that keeps your goals, injuries, and needs in mind.

If you want to finally reach your fitness and health goals, I’ll help you determine your first action steps. Feel free to email, call, or even book a Free Strategy Session: My mission is to help people with their fitness and health goals! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

-Sammy Noh