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Common Questions on Fitness and Nutrition. Answers by Port Moody Personal Trainer Sam Noh

Should I do keto? Do I need to eat a salad to lose weight? Can you send me a copy of your meal plan? Do shakes help with weight loss. Is cardio the best way to lose fat? Do I do high reps in the gym to lose weight? I’ve heard it all.

There’s a ton of confusing and misleading information out there when it comes to fitness and nutrition, sometimes with conflicting theories. It’s actually quite overwhelming.

Personal trainers are not experts in nutrition. I’ll be honest.  I was quite inexperienced with nutrition early on in my career. We were taught to refer our clients to the Canada Food Guide for nutrition advice. Back in the early 2000’s, the Canada Food Guide was quite general with insufficient guidance to help you reach your goals.

After going through my own weight gain of 45 pounds and weight loss of 70 pounds, my previous beliefs on fitness and nutrition were challenged.

I have learned so much, which has changed the way we deliver fitness and nutrition to our clients. The past few years, Laurie and I have also taken extensive courses on nutrition as we found that nutrition is an area that the fitness industry falls behind on. I also still work with my nutrition coach to this day and continue to learn more about nutrition.

Here are some answers to common questions regarding nutrition:

1) Should I do keto?

There are some benefits of keto. We’re not here to advocate one meal plan over the other. Just be prepared to live that lifestyle ‘life-long’. You cannot necessarily do part-time keto much like you can’t be a part-time vegan. Carbs aren’t the enemy. Carbs serve many vital functions such as helping with regulating cortisol levels. You can still eat carbs and lose weight! It’s overconsumption of carbs which is the main issue.

2) Do I need to eat a salad to lose weight?

You do not necessarily have to eat a salad to lose weight. A salad can be an option to add to your diet. Of course, some salads are loaded with calories due to the dressing and extras. Do you enjoy eating salads? I personally like to eat rice, potatoes, and yams as they fill me up more. You can still have carbs and lose weight.

3) Can you send me a copy of your meal plan?

We don’t give out meal plans. What worked for one client, may not work for you. Your starting point is different. Meal plans and diets can fail you if they’re not sustainable. Sometimes, they’re completely out of reach from where you’re starting from. The reality is your body has adapted to your current nutrition and fitness. To avoid withdrawal and shock to the body, making small incremental and consistent changes are essential to reaching your goals long-term. To put this into greater perspective, my nutrition plan has changed several times working with a nutrition coach the past three years. It continues to evolve as I hit my goals and as my body changes.

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