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How Coquitlam Personal Trainer Lost 60 Pounds

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Nutrition is often misunderstood and can be confusing. To be completely honest, I never really had a grasp on nutrition until I started working with a nutrition coach for the past 3.5 years. Personal trainers do not specialize in nutrition. Thus, Laurie and I have also spent the last few years investing in nutrition certifications, masterminds, and conferences. Our goal is to be a personal training studio specializing in nutrition and provide you with everything you need in order to reach your goals. Although exercise is important to help you reach your goals, nutrition also needs to be at the same level of importance.

Here Are 5 Lessons that I have Learned with My Own Transformation

  1. Nutrition is a skill. It gets easier with practice and as you put the reps in. Meal prep is a skill. Knowing how to put together balanced meals is a skill. Knowing your macros is a skill. Knowing how to track your calories and macros are skills or you’ll be shooting darts in the dark. Determining your portion sizes is a skill! Understanding your biofeedback is a skill! Your energy level, mood, sex drive, sleep quality, hunger levels indicate how your body is responding to your current ‘nutrition’ plan. Planning your nutrition is also a skill which gets easier with practice as you progress from white belt to black belt level nutrition. Start with one skill such as planning your meals for the week. Then progress to incorporating another skill such as portion control. Refer to the Welcome Package to determine portion sizes.
  2. Nutrition doesn’t have a set start date and end date, instead it evolves as you continue to see progress. Instead of finding the perfect diet for you, we’re interested in find the perfect routine for you.
  3. Food is fuel. Don’t punish yourself. Instead of working out to punish your body of food, use food to fuel you through your workouts! Celebrate your ability to move!
  4. Cookie cutter meal plans don’t work. Avoid the fad diets. I’ve tried them all. What worked for your friend or someone else, won’t necessarily work for you. Your starting point is different. If you’re currently consuming 4000 calories and you try a meal plan that your friend is doing at 2000 calories, you’ll set yourself up for failure. It’s too far out of reach. To go from 4000 calories to 2000 calories will create massive withdrawal. Changes must be incremental and based on your current eating habits or you’ll be guessing blind. The reality is, it may have taken 5 to 10 years for your body to adapt to your ‘current’ nutrition plan. It’ll take time for your body to adjust to your “new” nutrition plan. It can take time to see results. Start with tracking at least 3 days of food and assess your biofeedback to determine how your body is currently doing. Are you consuming an excess of carbs? Excess of protein and carbs? Perhaps you’re under consuming protein? Is your energy low or high? How’s your mood? How’s your sleep quality? How’s your sex drive? Once you have that data, you’ll have a better idea on how to troubleshoot if needed.
  5. If you’ve been dieting for years and hopping from one diet to another, your body may have metabolic damage. This can take months and sometimes even years to repair. You may actually need an excess of calories, in order to first repair and reset your body to be able to lose weight. Sometimes, it can take several months to be able to lose 10 pounds if you have metabolism damage. Start with fueling your body with high quality protein, fats, and carbs. Good food is good fuel! If you find that your biofeedback (energy, mood, sex drive, high stress, focus) is poor, this may be an indication of metabolism issues. Reach out to us to help troubleshoot! 🙂
Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More

Port Moody Gym | Port Coquitlam Gym Personal Trainer and More